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Concentrating on Americana objects created from the mid eighteenth through the mid nineteenth centuries, Expressions of Innocence and Eloquence and displays works of folk art and educates guests on the history and authenticity of a private American antique collection. Browse through familiar expressions, from family records and calligraphy to furniture, carvings, portraits and more. Expressions of Innocence and Eloquence is supplemented with chapters from contributing authors and scholars engrossed in the collections, knowledgeable about the facts and historical, economic and social issues surrounding each piece. Edited by Jane Katcher, David A. Schorsch and Ruth Wolfe, the book includes essays on the Shaker and the Pennsylvania-German communities while exploring the unique features of many cultures. A thorough and accurate account of American antiques is also on display throughout Browse through the site to find additional research detailing ongoing studies of the objects, upcoming events pertaining to the book and links to sites on the subject matter. For more information please visit our article directory.